Documentation Writer’s Guide

The documentation is written using the Sphinx Documentation Generator.

Refer to this site for information about the syntax and possibilities of Sphinx.

IKPdb’s Installation

The documentation is stored in the debugger repository, so you must install IKPdb’s source code.

We suggests you follow the instructions in the § Install IKPdb’s source code of the IKPdb Developer’s Guide.

Once it’s done, you can edit the files in the doc directory.

Sphinx’s Installation

The instructions below are valid in a Cloud9 workspace.

$ cd ~/workspace/ikpdb/docs
$ sudo pip install Sphinx

Rebuild the documentation

In a Cloud9 Terminal,

$ cd ~/workspace/ikpdb/docs
$ make html

You must rebuild the documentation each time you make a modification, if you want to preview the result.

Review your changes

To review your changes, you will use Python’s embedded web server with the Cloud9 Preview system.

First rebuild the documentation as explained above.

Then open a Cloud9 Terminal,

$ cd ~/workspace/ikpdb/docs/_build/html
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer $C9_PORT
Serving HTTP on port 8080 ...

Now you can open the Preview windows using the Preview / Preview Running Application entry of the top menu.

Note that: if you do a make clean, you must relaunch SimpleHTTPServer on the newly created _build directory (as the previous one has been moved to the “trash”).

Commit your changes

Just commit your modifications (with a clear commit message) then send us a Pull Request.